L'avenir transhumain des bactéries
dive in 2030
Future women empowerment
New research around the concept of the “microgenderome” seems to highlight that women’s and men’s microbiomes differ because of the interaction of gut bacteria with sexual hormones.
Eveology imagines a future where women use DIY microbiology to boost their immune system and capabilities based on their gender.
n'ayez plus jamais de
coups de mou
un design élégant, parfait pour le bureau
des bactéries sur-mesure, adaptées à votre adn
a natural
The Eveology incubator is attached to an Apple tree.
a natural
The apple grows inside the incubator. When the apple arrives at maturity, you can detach it.
a natural
Peel off the skin using the Eveology peeler and proceed with eating.
why eveology ?
women are underrepresented in human medical trials which means that some of the medication available on the market is not always an adequate treatment. Women seem to be more susceptible to immune diseases which could be linked to an interaction with the gut microbiota?
the concept
Inspired by the myth of Eve and Adam, Eveology researches a future where women cultivate food to produce specific bacterial strains beneficial for their health.
the speculation
Food is medicine and in the future we might grow our medicine directly on crops. The rise of DIY science also means that we could have a positive both on our food intake and health.
the object
The Eveology bioreactor incubates the apple to enable it to grow with selected microorganisms.
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told by marion lasserre
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