L'avenir transhumain des bactéries
dive in 2030
tomorrow's transhumanists
In a quest to be ever more performant, Liberbios created a device that is able to monitor and analyze oral health with the aim to boost brain performance. The oral microbiota directly connected to the gut microbiota, has an influence on brain health and functions.
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un design élégant, parfait pour le bureau
des bactéries sur-mesure, adaptées à votre adn
An all-day
The Liberbio necklace can be worn all day to measure oral health.
When there is dysbiosis of the oral microbiota, the device communicates with the wearer.
The use can place the made-to-mesure gum device in the incubator to restore eubiosis.
LiberBio ?
Liberbio researches transhumanism, the desire to optimize the human body functions and how this ideology is having an influence on our lives. With the desire to reach optimal performance of the body through the human/machine fusion, this philosophy also goes hand in hand with the privatization of the living world. Technology is a pharmakon, devouring nature.
the concept
Recent studies suggest that Alzheimer’s disease might take its root in an inflammation of the gut, directly linking oral and gut health to brain functions. Gut bacteria travel to the brain through the vagus nerve and settle in the astrocytes.
the speculation
Wearable devices can increasingly monitor the invisible workings of our bodies. Liberbio speculates that with the rise of DIY microbiology, we will be able to have an influence on previously unattainable brain and human functions.
the object
The Liberbio mouthpiece enables you to monitor your oral microbiota with the aim of boosting brain performance.
in gut we trust
told by marion lasserre

Astrocytes seem to be the preferred habitat of gut bacteria in the brain. “Brain diseases are characterized by the active inflammatory state of the astrocytes. In particular, the loss of astrocytes function as a result of cellular senescence could have implications for the neurodegenerative disorders, such as Alzheimer disease and Huntington disease, and for the aging brain.”

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